Huevos rancheros and the living room that will never unpack itself

Please read the title as though it were a Harry Potter book, but as written by anyone but She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named.

What I did yesterday

  • Got out of bed before 9am.
  • Made myself coffee and breakfast.
  • Worked on a collaborative paper I am writing with a friend.
  • Applied for a contracting role.
  • Organised my to do list for this week.
  • Edited our food shop so I can make a green tomato chilli.
  • Went for a 5k run to plan out a hash. Smashed it.
  • Ran the dishwasher, though I still have ALL the dishes.
  • Had lunch!
  • BONUS ADULTING: Went to the opticians for a contact lens check up.
  • Nearly passed out from pricking my finger on a nail, like Sleeping Beauty at the spinning wheel. Thanks phobia.

Things I didn’t do

Assemble the patio heater. Time got the best of me and then it started to rain. It’s now sitting in a box in the lounge, looking at me.

Unpack the living room. I moved a few boxes of wires around, looked at it, and by the time I was done having a little panic it was time for a run.

Type up a brief for the changes we want to make to the house. This is a huge task and thinking I can just write up like 10 pages of stuff in between running around appointments was silly.

What I’ve done today so far

  • Got out of bed JUST before 9am. Winning.
  • Procrastinated something fierce and tidied my desktop.
  • Had a small panic about how much I should try and get on with today.

Made a GAWJUS huevos rancheros brunch. Recipe my own[1].

What I’m going to do today

  • Get my flu jab. Tis the season 💉
  • Try and get registered at a good local dentists.
  • Write a draft for a paper on design workshops.
  • Unpack the living room once the TV cable arrives from Amazon.
  • Type up the brief for the house. Really. Do it this time. FML.
  • Assemble the patio heater to make sure it just works.

I think I’m consistently overestimating how much time I have in a day if I’m being honest, but surely this isn’t that unrealistic? Right?


[1] Simmered tinned Biona black beans for 15 mins till thick with 1tsp~ paprika, a glug of BBQ sauce, salt and pepper. Threw it on a tortilla wrap with a poached egg, homemade salsa, Greek yoghurt, grilled halloumi, avocado, and fresh jalapeños 👌

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